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5 year advertising offer in return for full development funding of this website

VR Explorer is offering a unique and rather special advertising opportunity for a seriously lucky business in return for their help with funding the remaining development of the website (estimated at £5k). Read on to find out more.

We realise VR Explorer is a new website and still in its development stages, however, it IS getting traffic from the search engines and this should increase exponentially as the site evolves more and all its functionality is put in place, as we have a lot of cool features planned to attract new users with. Combine this with the fact that VR is becoming more and more popular by the day as it finds its way into homes, schools, and businesses, and we think you'll agree that advertising as a sponsor on the VR Explorer website could turn out to be a real coup for someone with the right product or service to promote.

Here is the full rundown on what you will get in return for your investment:

1. Your company link/banner proudly displayed in the footer of the VR Explorer website, on every single page! - for 5 years!

2. Your link/banner on every single email that goes out from our system, promoting you as our sponsor. This will include - New member welcome emails, Newsletters, Forum update emails, and many more!

3. Your company link/banner as the sponsor of our VR discussion forum, which is a planned feature and part of the development roadmap.

4. Your link/banner fixed to the top of our 'credits' page.

5. More ways for us to promote your business, such as promoting it on our social media pages as our sponsor.

We think you'll agree that this is an incredible offer! If you are interested, please contact - chris['AT']

Question 1 - So what happens if the traffic just doesn't come and you decide to give up on the project? what then?
Answer - This is a passion project, a labour of love, meaning I am not going to give up if things for some reason do not go to plan and traffic is not as good as I hoped. I'm in it for the long haul and determined to make the site work.

Question 2 - How much funding is needed?
Answer - I have already put over 5k into the project and I am about half way, so I am looking to raise another 5k to complete the project and get VR explorer to the stage I want.

Question 3 - What development is needed? What are your plans?
Answer - Lots! with lots planned! However I don't want to give away all of what I have planned for the site, but for instance one of the main areas of development will be completion of a system which will allow VR developers / trusted members to update games/experiences in the database, to keep the database highly relevent and choc full of all the latest stuff. Also a fully custom discussion system for the site too, and other more 'unique' features that I won't mention here but which will make the site a highly attractive and useful resource for anyone interested in VR.

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