Funding &/or Development Help Needed

VR Explorer is a personal project born out my love for VR and the incredible experiences that it allows us to have. However, I am currently struggling to complete the site due to costs of the development and I am therefore seeking help in order to get the site complete. There are several ways you can help -

1. Donating
Donations are the simplest way to help me to get the site finished, as all donations go directly to the development of the site. There is a lot of work to be done still, so every little bit helps. Click here to donate or use the PayPal button below. Thank you so much.

2. Coding / Design skills
If you are a coder/web developer with the relevant skillset (PHP, CSS, etc) and would like to donate to the site by way of helping to actually develop it, please get in-touch. I can't promise you anything in return 'just yet', though you would get full credit for any work you did with your name up in lights on the credits page. The same for anyone willing to donate to the design - if anyone wants to have a go at creating a professional look/logo for the site, please be my guest, as I would welcome any designs put forward if someone is out there and wanted to have a go, however, functionality is the priority right now.

3. Become the main SITE SPONSOR /Advertising! - Click here!
The site, although new, is already gaining traction in the search engines, so visitors are starting to come, and once the development of the site really progresses with many of the features I want completed, I'm confident that the floodgates will really open and VR Explorer will be one of the top VR sites to advertise on. You can grab that opportunity now before anyone else does! Click here for more information.

Other ways to help...

Join the site!

Every website needs members! If you join now I will be informing members of site development progress and other stuff, such as game key give-aways! It's quick and easy to join and you'll be glad that you did!

Submit VR Reviews

If you enjoy writing about your VR experiences and can put a decent review together that is fair and honest, please consider submitting reviews to the VR Explorer website. I do write some reviews myself but it would really help the site if others could contribute too, as it also helps the game ratings. More about reviews can be found here.