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How VR Explorer started

A lifelong VR passion

Since a young boy, I have always dreamed of the possibilities of what Virtual Reality could one day bring, dreaming of scenarios such as flying a WW1 biplane up in the clouds to dogfight with the Red Baron, to stepping out on alien planets ready to explore, and now with VR finally here in the home and affordable for many, all these things and countless more are fully possible, allowing millions of us to fulfill our childhood dreams and fantasies through the incredible experiences that VR brings. And it's not just for entertainment either, as VR is an immensely powerful educational and training tool, finding its way into more and more industries and establishments, to train and teach millions around the world as people start to realise its full potential. It really is a game changer and as the technology gets better each year, so too do the incredible experiences we can have, blurring the line between what's real and what's not, and allowing us to experience things we never dreamt possible just a few years ago. It really is an exciting time, and it feels great to be a part of it, and I hope that my small contribution with the VR Explorer website helps you find some of those amazing experiences yourself as part of your very own VR journey.

First Headset, website passion

I currently own an HTC Vive, but before that, back in 2014 I purchased my first headset which was an Oculus DK2. It blew me away (especially in Elite Dangerous!) and that is when I decided to build the VR Explorer website, listing all the latest and best experiences and games for people to enjoy. Since then, every penny I have earned has gone into the construction of the VR Explorer website, even over purchasing a new headset such as the fantastic looking Oculus Quest which I was so tempted to get, but instead chose to plough more money into the website which I have a real passion for. I have really enjoyed getting the website to the stage it is at today where people are now starting to join and find it a useful resource. It really is an amazing feeling every time a new member joins! and I really hope to continue improving the site with lots planned for it and lots still to do. If you like what I am doing and find the site a useful resource, please consider supporting it by joining the site and posting reviews of new games and experiences after you have tried them. This is the most important way to support the site, though there are other ways on the about page here.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to get in touch, even if it is just to tell me how much you love VR! please contact me at the following address.
All the best and stay safe,