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Track Racing Games in VR

This is a VR list containing 14 items. Created by Chris P on 23rd March 2018. Last updated on 30th January 2019.

1. Trackmania Turbo

HTC ViveOculus RiftPSVRValve Index
Trackmania offers you the ultimate arcade racing universe where everything is about reaching the perfect racing time. Test your skills in over 200...


HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Shout out to all racing fans! 'KART CHASER: THE BOOST' has finally made it to the VR world! Immerse yourself in the virtual reality world, take the...

3. Cargo Racing VR

Easy to play but difficult to master, Cargo is a racing game designed for everyone.


HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Future GPX CyberFormula Sin Vier is the super high speed racing game on PC.

5. BallisticNG

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Glide through futuristic race courses at breakneck speeds and eliminate those who stand in your way, make your own ships and tracks to share with the...

6. Space Ribbon

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Experience psychedelic space racing on an infinite variety of procedurally generated tracks.

7. VR Karts: Sprint

Oculus QuestOculus Go
The checkered flag is about to drop on a new Virtual Reality racing experience! Get in the drivers seat and race against other opponents in your own...

8. WipEout™ Omega Collection

DIGITAL EDITION EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: - A brand-new Van Uber ship. - Digital art book.

9. V-Racer Hoverbike

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed RealityValve Index
Join the fast-paced racing competition in VR with V-RACER HOVERBIKE ! Ever wanted to ride a futuristic motorbike floating over the ground, fully...

10. OutOfColors

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
The VR game with a '90s feeling Find yourself in a lovely teenager's room from the nineties.

11. Radial-G : Racing Revolved

HTC ViveOculus RiftPSVRValve Index
Intense futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer for the new VR generation! Climb into the cockpit of a futuristic race craft and tear up the...

12. Vector 36

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Race across the terraformed surface of Mars in your Skimmer, a completely customizable hover racing vehicle. Piloting skill and engineering make the...

13. Diesel Power

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Diesel Power is inspired by classic arcade games and not designed to let the player "finish by default". It is best described with the words:...

14. Throttle Powah VR

HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index
Throttle Powah is a fresh new VR racing, maneuver and freestyle experience.

Track Racing Games in VR

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