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Creating a list is easy, here's how

 Creating a list is easy, here's how
Chris P
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Posted at 22:51 on 16th November 2020

To create a list, simply join the site/login, and on every games main info page you'll see a 'Add to List' button, which allows you to add that game to an existing list or create a new list to add it to. That's it!

However, currently (as lists are a new feature and still in development) lists are all set to 'Private' when first created, so if you want your list to be public you need to request it here in the forums. However there are some rules -

  •  A list must be 5 items or more.
  • It must have a relevant title, such as 'My Top 5 VR Scifi Games on HTC Vive' not simply 'My List 1' (if you need a change request it here)
  • Not spammy in any way. If we think you are creating lists simply to get your game noticed, your lists will be deleted along with your account banned.

Please note - Lists are not votable by default. If you think your list warrants being made votable let us know.

Lists are not perfect, but we are still developing their functionality. You can't edit them at the moment, until you can, please request any changes here in the forum or drop us an email.