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About VR Explorer - we're new!

VR Explorer is in the process of launching. Please bear with us while we finish off some of the development and fine tune everything to your liking.
If you'd like to help me get the site off the ground, please kindly consider joining, and perhaps reviewing a few VR games, or see below for other ways that you can help the site grow. Many thanks.


VR Explorer has been designed to bring together all the latest VR releases from across the different online stores such as the SteamVR store, Oculus store, Playstation store,, Viveport and others, keeping you up-to-date with new releases as well as what's coming soon in the world of VR. Developers can also list their own games and experiences directly onto the VR Explorer website by joining here. We also list reviews (members can post them), the latest trailers, the latest VR deals, and allow you to search the database of games and experiences using our powerful homepage filter system, or by simply browsing the categories section.

Feedback Greatly Appreciated

We would love your feedback at this early stage, so please do get in-touch at the email address below and tell us what you like/dislike about the site, and any suggestions that you may have. Thank you.

Reviews Needed

We would hugely appreciate if people could post a review or two now and then as this will help the site get off the ground, by adding content and attracting more visitors to the site as they look for VR reviews to help them make a more informed choice on which VR games to purchase. Written reviews only at the moment, though we will be adding a facility to post video reviews soon too.

VR Deals

Listing VR deals will be a major focus of the site, and members will be able to post any that they come across, hopefully making the VR Explorer deals section well worth a visit. We have already started posting some deals, which you can check out here, with many more to follow in the coming weeks as we finish up development and settle into a routine. You will find deals from Steam, Oculus, Playstation, Itch, and other stores such as Green Man Gaming and other reputable game stores across the web.

Thank you, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the site.

VR Explorer - The VR games & experience database

Ways you can help me with the site

If you like what I am doing and would therefore like to support me in this venture, there are ways you can easily do so -

  • Join the site!
    This is the single best way you can help, as the site needs members and I need feedback from them to know that I am going in the right direction with it..
    What I want to make sure of is that the site is as useful as possible for members, and one way of doing that is for it to be a place where you can build your ultimate VR wishlist, using games that we list here from all different stores, not just Steam. You will then get a notification when any of your wishlisted items is on a deal, no matter which site the deal is on. That will be just one of the benefits of joining.
  • Review games you play.
    Please kindly consider writing a review on VR Explorer after each new game you play. Reviews help other VR users know what's good and whats not so good when it's time to part with their hard earned cash, and therefore reviews are essential to a lot of people. It also makes for great content, and it will help me introduce a rating filter further down the road. Thank you.
  • Donate
    The site isn't earning anything at the moment due to the lack of a user base, but I still need to cover the hosting costs, and there is also more development that I need to find funding for, therefore please kindly consider making a small donation if you can afford to, whilst the site is getting off the ground and finding its feet. Many thanks for your kind support.