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About VR Explorer - Please help the site grow (it's new)

VR Explorer is a new website (spring 2021) born from an absolute love of VR and is about providing a single site for browsing vr titles and reviewing them, whilst linking to all the various stores such as Steam, Oculus, Viveport, Itch, PS Store and others.

My aim is to make it a central hub for VR reviews so I really appreciate anyone who uses the site for that purpose. As an incentive, reviewers will gain 'Explorer points' for each useful review they add, which will then give them rank (coming soon) and the chance to win game keys and other VR related goodies.

I'm also adding an 'Add Deal' system, so that you can see what VR is on a discount, and on which store. I will be adding a system to automatically email members deals for stuff they have on their wishlist too. Adding deals to the site will also gain you rank via explorer points.

There is much more coming soon, so please join, please review any VR games you have played, and let me know if there is anything you would particularly like to see on the site.

I hope you enjoy VR Explorer. Please share the site on facebook and other social media if you like it, and if you have a website please use the banner to link to VR Explorer - thank you.

Development Roadmap

Due to the coronavirus and lack of funds, things have been a bit slow with development, so would really appreciate any design/development help if anyone is in a position to do so. Thank you.

Stuff I have planned -

  • Signup/Login with Facebook or Google, and a keep me logged in (for convenience!)
  • Much quicker review system (form to popup from listings link), plus review edit/del functionality
  • Auto email system for informing members of deals
  • Explorer points system and rank system
  • Members section inc sort members by rank, and possible chat feature
  • Filters menu moved/adapted to main content window directly above results instead of over on the left.
  • Headset/HW reviews
  • More to come...

Again, if anyone can contribute with development to the site (PHP, Javascript, CSS, Ajax), it would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch using the email on this page. Thank you.

If anyone likes what I am doing and would like to contribute monetary funds towards development, please click the following PayPal button. Again thank you so much for your help towards getting the site developed, it's greatly appreciated.