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Zen Universe Review

Most realistic VR graphics I've seen

Reviewed by on 22nd May 2020 on HTC Vive


If you like beautiful vistas and learning new things with some gameplay, get Zen Universe. The graphics are pretty amazing and you can play around with the weather and the time of day. It's a bit on the educational side, but there's some solid story going on as well in the second location. For the price you get two locations with the bundle and two more when they're officially released. The first one is an ancient fortress that was scanned from the real place - it features some breathtaking views, some interactions and A LOT of historical info. The second location is Mount Olympus - this includes actual story with characters and some puzzle solving. The views are amazing here as well and you learn tons of stuff about Greek gods.

Pros: stunning graphics, you can switch between day and night, control the weather, huge educational value, cool voice acting (especially Hermes), AND you can shoot lightning out of your hands :)

Cons: the fortress location is a bit on the school-trip side (but if you were alowed to bring a sword on the school trip) If you're into history that's probably a good thing. Solution: you can just ignore all the info and walk around whacking stuff with your weapon.

Graphics & Presentation

Probably the most realistic graphics I've ever seen in a VR game.

Sound FX & Music

Some pretty cool voice acting, especially in the mount Olympus piece

Gameplay & Immersion

In the Olympus location you can shoot lightning out of your hands so that was an instant win for me. In the fortress in the forest I was able to interact with most of the stuff laying around - swords, rifles, helmets, treasure, etc. there was a also zipline which was pretty cool. I fell from it a few times but still worth it.


You move, you grab stuff, you active items, you shoot ligthning at things. There's locomotion if you're into that sort of thing but personally I prefer the sliding.

Value & Replayability

Hasn't crashed so far.

Final Thoughts

I wishlisted this before it came out. I'm not sorry.

      Reviewed by on 22nd May 2020 on HTC Vive

      8 out of 10

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      Zen Universe
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