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Yupitergrad Review

A Fun Humourious game with great gameplay and a great art style

Reviewed by Griffin on 14th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality


While the game does not list WMR support on the Steam page I played the entire game on my HP Reverb.

In Yupitergrad you play as a Russian Cosmonaut sent up to a USSR space station to repair it, equipt with jet-propelled plunger grappling gloves to navigate your Low G environment.

The main campaign took me about 1.5 hours to complete but I have heard from other of it taking much longer so so playtime will range based on your proficiency with the locomotion.

I played on a:

i7 7770k

GTX 1080 ti

16gb ram

HP reverb (and later a G2)

Graphics & Presentation

The visuals and presentation of this game are wonderful. The game uses a fairly unique visual style with lots of bright colours and a cell-shaded aesthetic that really makes everything look great and sharp even in a lower resolution headset where more realistic graphics tend to get a bit muddy.

Presentation with I really like the Comedic Soviet styling, the developers are Polish so are certainly not glorifying the USSR in any way and keep the mood fun with poking fun at it, at times it reminded me a bit of Portal.

Sound FX & Music

There are two main characters that the player interacts with (just listens to really) and they do a really good job the writing is good and the character never feels like they drag.

The soundtrack for this game is possibly one of my favourite soundtracks in any I'm not much of a music person so I really can do it justice describing it but you can have a listen your self the composer Piotr Surmacz has posted it on youtube for all to hear.

Gameplay & Immersion

The rope swing locamotion is possibly my favourite solution to movement in VR, while it doesn't work for all games it makes just the simple act of moving into a fun mechanic and especially satisfying if you can get proficient at it. While Yupitergrad is not the first to make use of this mechanic (see Windlands and Jet island) it certainly manages to make its own spin on it enough to differentiate it from the others.

The rope swing and plunger locomotion is pretty much the only real mechanic in the game however it is used to open doors activate switches grab items and just generally solve puzzles, and while extremely fun I do sometimes wish there was just one other mechanism added to the game, however small, just to spice up the gameplay a little from time to time.


The controller binding worked out of the box no issue for me, and the controls are simple and intuitive to use.

Value & Replayability

Value & Replayability was initially why I put off reviewing Yupitergrad for so long, while I really enjoy the game the price tag for just 1.5 hours of content was a little steep for me, however, this has been significantly mitigated by a recent patch with the inclusion of time trial levels. In it come about 10(?) time trail levels with leaderboards which I can significantly increase both the Value & Replayability of the game.

Final Thoughts

While the playtime may put people off, I may be an outlier in how long it took to complete, and the time I did spend with the game was great fun

  • Very unique visuals
  • fun Story and Atmosphere
  • Great gameplay mechanic
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • The campaign could be a little longer
  • Levels could do with a small bit more variety in puzzle solving

Reviewed by Griffin on 14th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality

8 out of 10

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