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Festoon software packages offer a host of features that streamline an otherwise bulky production pipeline for fulldome and 360 media producers. Save up to 30% of your production time and bypass the need to access a physical dome or planetarium to develop and test iterations of your fulldome show.

FESTOON is the first release of three Festoon software packages and is aimed at animators, filmmakers and artists creating fulldome and 360 content for the first time.

Festoon contains the Viewport Mirroring tool. Allowing you to design, storyboard or adjust layouts in any production software while seeing the results immediately in one of four pre-made virtual planetariums and environments.

Festoon Enthusiast key features

Use Festoon's in-dome mirroring feature to easily review your content within a virtual dome as you work.

Includes four pre-set virtual environments (standard dome, flat dome, cinema, equirectangular).

Ten content queuing slots.

Playback existing fulldome content in a virtual dome from any video or still image format.

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