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Westworld Awakening Review

A visually impressive decently realized and surprisingly interesting horror stealth game

Reviewed by Griffin on 16th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


The game does not list WMR support, however I played the entire experience with the HP Reverb with no issues of note.

Hardware I played on:

i7 7700k

GTX 1080 Ti

16 GB Ram

WMR HP Reverb

Now full disclosure I have not seen the new HBO Westworld TV show, I assume this experience is enhanced or connected to the events in the TV show but as evidence of me it can still be enjoyed without it. I have seen the 1973 Westworld film however so I did not go into this completely unaware of the franchise.

In the game you play as Kate one of the facilities robots which has become self aware and on your journey you are being hunted down by a another robot Hank - a series killer from the wild west as you uncover the mystery of the facility you are trapped in, and your own history.

The campaign took me a about 2.5 hours to complete and was a stressful time(and provided a decent challenge) for me however I an not very versed in horror games the more extreme thrill seekers may not find it as much of a scare.

Graphics & Presentation

Visually this game is incredible. The environments are modelled and textured excellently, and the lighting is also very well done, leading to a very realistic look in game. The game also features a decent variety of environments, but what's even more impressive is the character models, they are highly detailed and expertly animated. I don't know what kind of work went into achieving this but it paid off, as this is still one of the prettiest VR games to date.

Sound FX & Music

The game has a number of voice actors including your own character and an NPC who speaks with you the entire time. These are all very well done and presumably professional voice actors, as the quality shows.

The music and sound FX were all decent but nothing special to write about.

Gameplay & Immersion

In terms of gameplay, this is a horror game so most of the interactions in the game are running and hiding. In between you will need to often solve a basic puzzle to unlock a door or retrieve some data. These puzzles are often not very complex but under the pressure of being hunted down they are very stressfull, and the puzzles are often fairly interactable.

***********Mild Spoiler for Half Life Alyx************

The entire game is a bit like the Jeff level in Half Life Alyx.

Some of the puzzle even feel a bit like Alyx puzzles



The controls all worked fine even using WMR controllers. I was actually surprised by the level of control in the game given that this is a tie-in experience. I was expecting only the most basic level of VR, but surprisingly the game features full smooth locomotion, manually openable doors, crouching, and the works.

Value & Replayability

In terms of value this is where I ultimately dock the most from the game, as I see no point in returning to this game after completing it, and with only 2.5 hours of game time, the $33 price tag might be a tough sell.

Final Thoughts

While the price tag is high this might just be the price you need to pay in order to get this level of quality visuals and acting in a VR game. However the horror element may discourage the more common folk and for the more hardcore horror fans this might be a bit too light to get properly scared. If you find the game on discount or want to support the dev it is a worthwhile pickup.

  • Incredible visuals and character fidelity
  • Decenty gameplay elements
  • An engaging story line right to the end
  • A short game.
  • Horror elements might be a bit light for some.
  • The price

Reviewed by Griffin on 16th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

6 out of 10

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Westworld Awakening
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