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Oculus Rift

Vox Machinae

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality & Valve Index


Earth's resources have been depleted. People try to migrate to where there is work, but many end up detained in border camps living off what scraps the governments are able to provide. Powerful corporations explore the heavens in search of raw materials. You are one of the lucky few to be a certified pilot, able to take on the distant mining jobs. The rough alien landscapes can only be navigated by enormous walking robots called GDRs or "Grinders". Rivalry between the corporations is heating up, your job is about to get alot more dangerous.

Select your GDR ("Grinder") chassis and customize it with a powerful arsenal of lasers, missiles, cannons and more with no loot-box or micro-transaction nonsense. Vox Machinae respects your time, and your wallet.

A plethora of unique alien worlds await to be conquered. Get your body ready because Vox Machinae is coming soon.

- A unique mix of weighty and tactical simulation with responsive action.

- Pilot a hulking robot across hostile planets with your computer AI for company.

- Choose between five distinct Grinder chassis, each with their own benefits.

- Customize your loadout an array of devastating weaponry.

- Immersive physics simulation drives movement and combat.

- Play offline, on a local network, or online with up to 16 players.

- Optimized for smooth VR performance and visual quality.

- Full motion controller support for the ultimate immersive experience.

    In-Game Specs

    • PlayersSingle Player
      Local Multi-player
      Online Multi-player
      Cross-Platform Multi-player
    • Play AreaSeated
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
      Keyboard & Mouse
    • General

    • DeveloperSpace Bullet Dynamics Corporation
    • Released27th September 2018
    • StatusEarly Access
    • PlatformOculus Rift, Rift S


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