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Valve Index

Punch Pad Workout

A VR Game available for HTC Vive & Valve Index


This is a workout plus memorization game, where the player must punch the pads, in the correct order that each combination is called out, over 3 rounds. At the end of the workout your score will be added to the leaderboard. The faster you throw correct combinations and the more punches you throw in total, the higher your score will be. You will need to memorize the combinations called out and throw them as fast as you can in the correct order.

You will receive points for each punch, based on how quickly that punch was thrown. If you complete the combination correctly, you will receive bonus points based on how many punches there were. If you get a punch wrong, then you will not gain any bonus points for that combination. If you successively get combinations correct, then the combo number will go up and if you get one wrong, then the combo number will go down.

If you are using the standard HTC Vive controllers, then try holding them sideways, so that you can throw punches more comfortably. You can alternatively use bag gloves with trackers attached to the top of the wrists. If you do this then make sure the tracker is firmly attached and that it doesn't wobble. If it wobbles then this will result in the virtual glove also wobbling the same amount, so keeping it as rigid and stable as possible is important. For the trackers to show up in game, you need to also have both standard controllers turned on.

When you first start the game put your hands inside the virtual gloves, in their correct positions. The calibration will start and then the gloves will be locked to this position. Also before starting the game, use the height adjuster to raise or lower the pad stand. You want the top row of pads to be the same height as your head.

If you want to play music via the in game music player, then after the game has ran once, a file named 'MusicDirectory.txt' will be created in the game's root folder. Enter your music folder's directory path here and the game will then load the mp3 files located in this folder.

You can record a video like the one shown in the trailer, by activating the third person cam inside the game.

    In-Game Specs

    • PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
    • General

    • DeveloperMobileFusion Apps Ltd
    • Released14th August 2018
    • StatusFull Release
    • PlatformValve Index


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