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Create in VR

OSCKit is a virtual reality environment for composition and performance. Using Open Sound Control (OSC), OSCKit integrates with production software like Ableton Live or Max/MSP for a customizable creative workflow, no programming experience required!

Inspired by apps like TouchOSC and Lemur, this software aims to bring that same functionality into the 3rd dimension.

How It Works

OSCKit does not generate audio by itself, but rather controls another production software of your choosing. This is done using OSC messages - small packets of information that, for instance, tell a program to press a note or turn a knob. Loads of software supports OSC including:

- Ableton Live

- Logic Pro X

- Cubase

- Max/MSP

- Pure Data


- 8 expressive control types including sliders, knobs and pads.

- Built-in integration with TouchOSC Bridge for MIDI I/O.

- Simple UI for one-button arrangement and performance.

- Saving/Reopening kits for later expansion and sharing.

- Customizable OSC addressing system.

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  • Version details:Valve Index
  • TypeVR App
  • DeveloperMORA
  • Release date13th February 2018
  • Play areaRoomscale
  • ControlsMotion Controllers

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