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VRQB Review

Fun gameplay elements, but pales in comparison to 2MD

Reviewed by Chris P on 31st January 2020 on HTC Vive


Having suddenly developed an interest for American Football (at least in a virtual sense) I looked up this game having seen it mentioned in a review, and then on seeing it was less than a pound on the Steam store, I quickly picked it up deciding to give it a try.

Now having come from the wonderful '2MD VR Football' (which gave me my new found interest in American Football) this game was always going to be up against it from the start, as 2MD is a pure joy to play and has a level of polish that a lot of other games lack, so I kept that in mind as I headed in to this game, telling myself that I needed to give it a fair crack of the whip. However, as it finished loading and I found myself stood in a large but very empty stadium, I couldn't help feeling a sense of disappointment, and felt that coming from 2MD with its roaring crowds, dancing cheerleaders, and all the other trimmings that help get you immersed, it really felt like it was definitely a step down, even at this stage. I continued on however, and selected the first of three game modes that were presented to me, which was called 'Classic'.

You start classic mode at the one end of the field, and need to throw the ball through 3 hoops which then allows you to progress slightly further up the field, and so on, until you get to the endzone. It is very simple gameplay, and the throwing is much more arcade-like than I had expected, with the slightest throw sending the ball at great speed towards the hoops. I'd say it took me a game or two to get used to the throwing, and after that it became less frustrating and much more enjoyable.

The next mode, is the '2 Minute Drill' and a really fun little game, where you have 2 minutes to make your way to the other end of the field, by getting your ball through all the hoops. On this mode you can actually choose to either play it safe by getting your ball through the nearer hoops, or, if you have a good aim, go for the further away hoops to gain bigger distances each time and make it to the end zone much quicker and in less throws. It really was fun and quite a thrilling little game, helped by the pumping music which suited the style of play.

Next up, and the final of the three game modes is one called 'Scramble' and this was great fun too, as it adds the necessity to 'dodge' as you try to avoid the incoming tackle dummies, which on contact with you take away one of your three lives, so if you get hit three times it's all over and you have to start the round again. However, avoid the dummies and score as many touchdowns as possible and you win, getting treated to the fireworks and glitter at the end, just like in the other game modes each time you're successful.
I really enjoyed this game mode, and the dummies were a very cool feature, adding a new dimension to the game as you are forced to make evasive manoeuvres when one of them is heading your way, whilst at the same time trying to throw the ball through the hoops. The dummies also speed up slightly as you make your way further up the pitch, but they never become too challenging and I found it fairly easy on the default difficulty setting.

Overall, VRQB, although not in the same league as 2MD in terms of quality and polish, did turn out to be much more fun than I had first imagined. However I am just not sure that there is enough there for me to go back to it when I have 2MD in my collection also, so if you do have 2MD already, I really cannot recommend this game unless you are a big football fan that likes to consume anything football related in VR. At the price I paid (just 1 pound) I'd say whether you have 2MD or not, it's worth giving this one a go, as who knows, you might actually like its more arcadey approach. As for me I prefer 2MD's more realistic gameplay and the level of immersion it gives, so probably won't be coming back to VRQB except to check out any future updates that it may receive, I did however have a lot of fun during the time I played it.

Short VRQB gameplay video showing 2 of the game modes in action

      Reviewed by Chris P on 31st January 2020 on HTC Vive

      5 out of 10

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