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Windows Mixed Reality

VR New York Story

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality & Oculus Quest


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VR New York Story starts with an intention of designing a game that provides more effective English learning environment to non-English speakers. People who want to develop their English ability are not required to spend time and money on overseas study anymore!

As a total solution for English Speaking Education, we provide 3,800 sentences which include 240 key sentences and 720 core sentences, and Sound Recognition technology to evaluate English proficiency of users. This is our first series that include 60 units. We also plan to release a full range of 240 units in order so you can count on what's coming next!

This elaborately devised VR game enables you to visit everywhere in New York and feel the atmosphere of the place with their hands.

With virtual reality technology, you feel as if there are truly in various places in New York such as immigration center at the airport, J.F.K International Airport, East Harlem, Upper West Side 116th Street, Battery Park, T.L. Manhattan Bank, and so on. So you can move around everywhere we've implemented and do whatever you want in dynamic environment, not a static one. Furthermore, We provide you a high probability of story line based on interaction with other characters. You can have an intimacy with characters that you bump into. Interaction will occur while you asking for food in plane, going for walk, visiting friend's place and even in the office.

Key Features
- Communicate with 32 different 3D characters using Sound Recognition technology. It allows you to make an interactive conversation.
- Enjoy on-the-spot experience on 50 spots we implement
- Learn 60 units. It also rates English competency of you in order to give you a sense of accomplishment everytime you get through each unit.
- 4 steps: Intro Animation, Practice, Challenge game, and Result.
- Do active interaction with characters through Emotion meter that shows you how the characters feel about this conversation.

- Feel as if you were in New York with an artificially built, but a realistic-looking environment. All buildings and streets are based on a real-life setting.
- Listen and understand given situation we provide.
- Get grades and learn correct pronunciation, intonation, grammar, fluency in total through our Sound Recognition technology.
- Get ready to speak in English in a daily, business, and TOEFL/TOEIC/OPIc test situation.

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