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VR Museum: Art Through Time Review

not displaying many pictures?

Reviewed by on 13th August 2020 on Oculus Rift


I saw this app and just had to have it. A VR museum has been high on my wishlist.

I really loved the feel of the wide space and was keen to start roaming the rooms, only.. there are no paintings to be seen? I roamed around and could only see a handful.

At my second attempt, I tried again and noticed that the pictures ONLY display once you get really close to the wall. Once one picture on that wall shows up, the others on the same wall do the same.. the rest of the room looks empty.

Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional.

I presume, over time, as more artworks get added, you may need a catalogue or index?

Graphics & Presentation

The picture quality was quite good and being able to get up close was what I always want to do in the real world.


As this would be a nice way for people with lesser mobility to visit a museum, it would be nice to be able to rotate on the spot without the teleporting. e.g. from a close up view of a painting - turn around.. scan the room.. teleport

and for the same purpose.. have the height adjustable at which a painting can be viewed and the text be read. (zoom in? enlarge?)

Value & Replayability

I think this will be a most enjoyable space to linger and admire art.

Final Thoughts

Really glad I bought this app and keen to see how this will develop further :) Thank you.

      Reviewed by on 13th August 2020 on Oculus Rift

      7 out of 10

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      VR Museum: Art Through Time
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