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V-Racer Hoverbike Review

A Fun, Solid, VR Racing Game with competitive leaderboard.

Reviewed by Chris P on 10th May 2019 on HTC Vive


A very enjoyable VR racing game with nice easy controls (simply leaning left or right to turn) good graphics, and fast, often exhilarating gameplay.

Everything about the game was easy to pick up, and after a quick tutorial at the start I was up and racing in minutes. My first race was against 3 opponents (bots) and the level of difficulty was just right, not too easy and not too hard, but allowed for a steady progression in skill level, and by about my fourth quick race my handling was beginning to improve and I managed to get to 2nd place.

The hoverbikes look great, as did the tracks, which were a good length and well designed, being challenging but never too hard. One even has a 'Loop the loop' section which is incredible, especially if you manage to hit all the boosts on your way around it!

The graphics were great and well optimised, with no stutter at all on my ageing I5 3570 / 980GTX, just a perfect constant framerate ensuring the racing was smooth, fast and uninterrupted.

I tried several racing modes, such as time trials and combat racing which allows for some fun power-ups such as missiles, turbo boost, shield, and my fave (mainly because of the excellent graphical effect) the EMP, which when activated sends out a blue/white electrical shockwave shooting forward along the track, which looked absolutely awesome. The time trials were excellent, allowing you to race against other players 'ghosts' who are near you on the leaderboards, and you can even select how many ghosts you want to race against. This was my favourite game mode, and I found it really rewarding when I managed to jump up the leaderboards by a few positions, and I kept going back for just one go, especially as I felt I was 'In the zone' which is credit to the immersion and fun the game provides. I really can't wait to go back in and have another shot at jumping my way up the pack a bit more, as I get to learn the tracks a bit better with each race.

All in all I found V-Racer to be a highly immersive, incredibly fun VR racer that I'm looking forward to putting much more time into over the coming weeks.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 10th May 2019 on HTC Vive

      7 out of 10

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      V-Racer Hoverbike
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