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Trover Saves the Universe Review

Classic Justin Roiland humour in a rather simple VR adventure game

Reviewed by Griffin on 2nd November 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


While the store page does not officially support WMR headsets I played the entire experience with the HP Reverb with no issues (none from the headset)

This game does not really support Motion controllers, so I played the entire game with an Xbox one Controller.

The campaign of the game plus free DLC took me about 7 hours to complete, in this I also collected all for the optional collectibles, if you ignore that your play time would probably be about an hour or so shorter.

The Game also features a ton of voiced dialogue and depending on how much you listen to can also shorten or extend your play time.

Trover Saves the Universe is a third person action adventure game. You take the role of two characters - Trover (3rd person) and a Chairorpian (first person) who is a chair bound alien who controls Trover with a gamepad controller.

The story goes that an evil alien Glorkon has stolen your dogs and is using them to take over the universe. You team up with Trover and must save the Universe.

Your enjoyment of the game is going to heavily depend on if you like the Justin Roiland (Rick & Morty) style of humour and much like the other Justin Roiland games Accounting+ and even his small part in Valve's The lab, the bulk of the games content is from all the dialogue that is packed in, so if you don't enjoy it his style of humour I would recommend avoiding the game.

Graphics & Presentation

Visually the game is simple, much like the Rick & Morty TV show, however unlike the Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality game I think this game makes a much better transition into 3d models and the world looks quite good at times, if not a little gross most of the time.

Sound FX & Music

The music in this game is surprisingly good and I actually enjoyed listening to it. However, I did notice the looping was not very good.

Most of the games dialogue is voiced by Justin Roiland apart from a handful of side characters. The performances are good however Justin Roiland really does not have a huge range of voices, so It is possible to grow a little tired of his three variations of voices after a while.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay is surprisingly decent, with the combat consisting of a light attack, a heavy attack, a jump attack and a role/dodge. There are also a decent handful of enemies with a few good variations to the humanoid enemy. The bigger let down is the AI of these enemies as they will often just get stuck or not even bother attacking.

The game also features green power babies. These are the games collectible and I beleive there were about 120 of them but my count may be off. They offer no real reward so unless you want the achievement I would just skip them mostly.

The game also offers you a few dialogue choices that effect the end sequence of the game, however mine was either glitched or broken, as a few of my choices were not reflected correctly.

I also encountered a glitch where I could not progress (and not the time the game fakes it) and I had to restart the level, not a big deal but a tad annoying.


The game when controlled by an xbox controller is mostly you don't move your own player but rather control Trover in a traditional third person style, and you the player teleport to different locations as Trover reaches them. The game does make a decent use of this however, in that you can also ascend vertically to get different vantage points of the map.

Value & Replayability

For $33 local currency the game offers a good amount of value from in game dialogue, to collectibles to campaign length, however I dont know apart from completion or if you really want to hear all the dialogue if there is much value in replaying the game multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Overall the game surprised me and was better than I expected. The VR implementation was only so-so since this game can also be played Non-VR, but the story was funny and of a good length, it visually looked pretty good and the combat was pretty decent. I think if you are a big Rick & Morty fan then this game is certainly worth it at full price, however if maybe you are not quite as hardcore a fan but still think the kind of humour is funny then maybe wait for a small sale.

  • Visually interesting world and character design
  • Tons of voiced dialoge in game
  • Decent campaign length
  • VR implementation was lack luster
  • Lack of voice actor variaty while novel did feel a bit limiting

Reviewed by Griffin on 2nd November 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

7 out of 10

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Trover Saves the Universe
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