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Age-Old Cities VR

HTC ViveOculus Rift
Age-Old Cities VR (from the Paris exhibition) brings six iconic monuments back to life. Walk through these revived ancient sites and feel the majestic splendor of places considered as a global duty to preserve.
Free to play!

Relax with Nature VR

Oculus GoGear VR
Relax at any time, wherever you are and teleport yourself to the location of your dreams. Six selected unique locations, such as the beach, mountains, waterfalls and many more are waiting for you.

The Polynesian Cultural Center VR Experience

HTC ViveOculus GoGear VR
Have you ever wondered what it's like to spend the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center - Hawaii's #1 paid attraction - on the North Shore of Oahu?...
Free to play!

Claustral Canyon

Oculus GoGear VR
Located in the Blue Mountains National Park and a three hour drive from Sydney, Claustral Canyon is a unique example of a pristine, remote, and very inaccessible slot canyon.
Free to play!

National Geographic Explore VR

Oculus Quest
Travel to Antarctica with National Geographic Explore VR, and set off on a thrilling expedition of discovery.


Oculus Go
Pompeii is an experience allowing you to visit the most famous ruins of Pompeii, Italy.

Around Egypt

Oculus GoGear VR
Have you ever thought about visiting Egypt? Are you tired of going through online pictures trying to figure out which museum or temple worth seeing? Now you can immerse yourself into a total Virtual Reality experience.
Free to play!

Rome Reborn: The Pantheon

Oculus RiftOculus GoGear VR
Today, the Pantheon is a standard stop on any visit to Rome. The best-preserved building surviving from ancient Rome, it is a rotunda topped with an enormous dome.

Czech Republic – Land of Stories VR

Oculus GoGear VR
Observe various parts of Czech republic. Aplication contains eight 360° videos from the most beautiful parts of Czech republic. Videos enable you to fly above beautiful cities and observe them enhanced by infographics.
Free to play!

Escape Now: The Icons

Oculus RiftOculus GoGear VR
Escape Now with award-winning VR filmmaker, Tarik Mohamed, as he takes you on a virtual journey while sharing the stories behind some of the world's most iconic destinations.