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Time Transit VR Review

A highly polished time travelling adventure - with dinosaurs!

Reviewed by Chris P on 11th March 2019 on HTC Vive


I went into this game not knowing much about it at all, which is always nice, as you get more suprises and a better sense of adventure, especially in games like this where there is lots of exploration to do and creature encounters to be enjoyed. I knew there were dinosaurs, and that's about it.

The game started up in a stark small white corridor that quickly led me into a very smart looking reception area. A quick peak outside through one of the windows showed that I was indeed in a futuristic setting, surrounded by a beautiful looking futuristic cityscape, which revealed more of itself once I had taken the lift to the level I needed to be at, and where the time machine resided.

This level had stunning visuals, its centerpeice being a large fountain like structure with giant balls of water floating upwards to the ceiling where they would meld with an area of water filled ceiling above. It really did look stunning, as indeed did the whole level, with wonderfully designed graphics and scenery. It was all open plan too, with open areas around the edge of the level allowing you to lean out and fully appreciate the design of the large buildings outside, which included a superb looking dome structure and other cool looking scifi inspired structures - I was highly impressed by it all and suddenly dreamt of exploring such a city in VR, as it looks so intriguing. However, that is not what this game is about, so on we go to the time machine, which in itself was impressive and I soon found myself at my first destination in time - The Triassic Era, in a completely underwater world reminiscent of the underwater VR experience 'TheBlu', however this one gave you more freedom to explore your underwater habitat, which again had really nice visuals, with some moments really taking my breath away.

It wasn't all about the visuals however, as you were also provided with a cool utility belt containing some very useful tools such a little bio analysis tool that you used to scan nearby creatures to obtain information about them, with stats such as lifespan, size, and an over all description, along with a neat little 3D picture of them. I really loved the analysis tool but it was awkward to use purely because some creatures simply moved too fast to scan, such as most of the fish, and then when you did manage to scan them, you simply were not given enough time to read all of the info, which was a shame. Still, it was all very nicely done apart from that little niggle and I had a great time exploring this divine location, with its beautiful shafts of light penetrating through the blueness to illuminate this magical underwater world that I was in. It was a highly enjoyable and highly immersive experience.

The next level was a lot larger, transporting me further back in time to a jungle area during the Jurassic period, and that's right - a period in time where dinosaurs roamed the earth! and I was very excited and hopeful to see one. I didn't have to wait long.

I wasn't quite as blown away with the scenery in this area as I was in the underwater world, but nevertheless it was still very impressive, with lots of jungly looking vegetation, lots of trees (some of them absolutely huge, and I mean HUGE!) and small rockfaces to climb, and climbing is what I did - lots of it, from small rockfaces to ginormous trees, and before long I felt like a very tired ape as I hung one-handed from a vine several hundred feet in the air, staring down and contemplating which way to go, it was a fantastic feeling! The jungle was littered with detail too, such as hollow logs you could peer into, butterflies and other captivating wildlife flying around, and shallow caves carpetted with mushrooms, and I was starting to realise that this game was a bit bigger than I'd initially thought, or at least this level was, as it sucked up much more time than I had anticipated, leading me toward the grand showcase of this level - a meeting with a small pack of huge dinosaurs from an elevated platform, and it was awesome! I got to use my feedy tool too, which hadn't worked on any other animal thus far, so I was extrmely pleased when the dinosaur leaned down and opened its mouth to take my offering. The highlight to me though, of the encounter, was watching them walk slowly off into the shadows of the jungle, it was just such a memorable scene.

No sooner had the dinosaurs gone, than I was confronted with my very first puzzle of the game, and it probably took me a lot longer than it should have done. Thank god for video editting! I then continued on my journey, eventually arriving at a swampy area that seems like it will have it's own challenges, so that's where I decided to end the video due to the length of the recording, which turned out to be over an hour and a half, and thankfully was in tact when I quit the game.

Throughout my playtime I encountered just one bug, though a very annoying one which saw me suddenly find myself inside one of the huge trees with no way back out or up the tree (see video), so I had to quit and restart from an auto save point. Luckily the game provides a handy card feature that lets you go back into certain points of the game and I pretty much started from where I'd left off.

I'm not sure how much more the game has to offer, but I'm hoping if it is at least an hour or so more and I get to meet a few more interesting creatures including more dinosaurs, as that is where the main excitement lies.

Based on what I have experienced so far, I can highly recommend this game. You may need a little patience with the climbing and sussing out routes through the jungle, but it is all worth it, especially when encounters with enormous dinosaurs and other wonderful creatures are your goal.

The graphics are top notch and the options are there to change the settings to match your system if you encounter any performance issues, which I did on a couple of occassions, but after turning things down a notch or two, the game ran smoothly allowing me to enjoy what it had to offer, and I can't wait to explore more very soon.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 11th March 2019 on HTC Vive

      7 out of 10

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      Time Transit VR
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