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The Station VR Review

A polished and solid, though fairly short scifi adventure

Reviewed by Chris P on 7th January 2020 on HTC Vive


The Station VR was a somewhat short (around 2 hours) but quite enjoyable experience aboard a space station, so the whole game has you exploring various rooms and corridors trying to unravel a mystery by listening to audio logs that you find, along with other clues scattered about the station.

These types of games live or die on their story, and although I felt a bit confused at first concerning who's-who and I found myself exploring more for the fun of it to begin with, the more I uncovered the more the characters made sense and the whole thing seemed to gel and it all led up to a very cool ending indeed.

The graphics were nice and polished, and I found exploring the Station a very nice experience, with just enough entertainment to keep me pushing on through the game. I particularly liked the decor and design of the Station, and some of the graphical effects were really well done too, and it all helped to create an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the game that never really got too scary, though it did have its moments!

There were a few frustrations however, that almost saw me give up, particularly with the few puzzles involved. It's not that they were hard, as they were quite the opposite, it was the fact that it was too easy to lose critical elements and I found at one point I had to start again from the very beginning due to some glowing pieces getting lost. I didn't mind having to race through some of it again, but if it had happened a second time I think I would have found it all a bit too much and possibly thrown in the towel, however, thankfully all went relatively smoothly the second time around and I managed to complete the game.


I used the default teleport movement, however there were options for free moving/trackpad movement.

Value & Replayability

The game was kindly provided to me for review by the developers, but I believe it is currently priced around £7, which I think is a fair enough price, as although short, it was a highly polished experience that sometimes felt big budget.

Once completed I probably wouldn't go back to it, though it is definitely a game I would put on for friends when they visit, especially the ones that don't mind a chilled experience rather than action-packed.

Final Thoughts

If you are a scifi fan and enjoy these sorts of experiences, then I would highly recommend the Station VR. It's polished, has a fairly ok story, and although not something you would probably go back to once complete, it is one game I am glad I played. It also shows me just how good these developers are at creating high quality experiences, so I will definitely be checking out more of their work in the future.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 7th January 2020 on HTC Vive

      7 out of 10

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      The Station VR
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