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The Spy Who Shrunk Me Review

A unique and funny game let down by a small budget

Reviewed by Griffin on 16th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a parody on the spy film genre. You play as Audrey Smoothspy - a British spy armed with a shrink ray and bananas tasked with defeating a comically evil Soviet Russian General.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me took me a little over 2 hours to complete. If you were good at the game it could be under 2.

The games story is again a parody so don't go in with expectation of a deep story with political intrigue or anything like that, I was however quite surprised by the humour and writing, I actually chuckled at a few of the more absurd jokes and the rest kept a smile on my face the whole time.

Graphics & Presentation

Graphics are a mixed bag. The environments, while simplistic and a little crappy are are made into a cartoony style which I think the look manages to pull off decently enough to enjoy, however the character models are just not good, they are poorly modelled and animated, and ultimately an eye sore to look at.

Sound FX & Music

The game is fully voiced, from your character Audrey to your Q like advisor and the Russian general their performances are very good. They are obviously playing corny characters which not everyone might like, but the actual acting/performances are good and I think worked really well. The guards are also voiced however I wish they were not, they have about 4 lines of dialogue amongst all of them and repeat themselves constantly which became repetitive after the first level.

There is a little bit of music in the game and it was fine. The Sound FX were also good but not amazing

Gameplay & Immersion

I played on medium difficulty and always aimed for a B score on each level which means never alerting the guards, but I did kill them, and it was a pretty easy time with most levels only taking a few minutes. If you wanted to played on hard or never kill, the game would have taken a decent amount of more time.

The game gives you a few tools to dispose of your enemies. On your tool belt you have 3d glass which let you see through walls, A time stopping stop watch, A short range teleporter, A shrink ray, and Bananas + airbags which temporarily disable enemies. However in my play time I really only used the shrink ray, teleporter, and bananas (a few times) as on medium difficulty there was just no need to use anything else.

The trailer shows throwing little tiny men into a paper shredder but just dropping them would kill them and it was always the similar and easier way to dispose of them.

The game also allows you to shink yourself down to a tiny size, however it never really seamed like the level design fully embraced the idea. I would have expected more secret passage ways and tunnels, maybe even also miniature threats that needed to be avoided but there were none.

There were a few boss sections but they were just dumb and didn't really work right as far as I could tell.

The game also has a small driving section, however it was so impossible to control that after a number of attempts I just did it on foot in a single attempt.

At the end mission the game incorporates some mild puzzles and platforming, which is an ok change of pace I guess.

The game also has a number of bugs. I fell through the floor a number of times, and the stairs clipping were often incorrect making me either below or inside the stairs.

On one occasion I died and restarted as a checkpoint, however it also loaded a ton of tiny men who were instantly aware of my presence and alerted the rest of the guards, and I had to restart the level.


While the game lists WMR support, artificial turning did not work out of the box. It was a simple fix within the bindings and I have posted them on the community bindings but it is something to be aware of.

The game also gives you a decent number of adjustment options for VR controls, though no smooth turning only snap as far as I could find but it does allow you to change your movement speed and move your tool belt around.

Even with the tool belt positioning I never could quite get it in the right place, as no matter where I put it it always seemed in the way for picking things and people up. Perhaps just a radial wheel on the hand or something that allowed for it to be hidden would have been a better choice.

Value & Replayability

The game features a per level score and difficulties which would encourage those inclined to play multiple play through but more importantly the game seemingly features multiple endings which I think is a bigger incentive to keep you playing.

Final Thoughts

I had a decent time with the game mostly carried by the games voice acting and fun seeing the world at a tiny scale, but frequent bugs, short gameplay, and ugly graphics make it hard to recommend without a discount even at $11 local currency.

  • Shrinking mechanic is fun
  • Funny character banter
  • Good acting
  • Shorter experience
  • Level breaking bugs
  • Weak boss segments
  • Poor character models
  • Guards are too repetitive

Reviewed by Griffin on 16th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

5 out of 10

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The Spy Who Shrunk Me
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