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The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets Review

A Short experience with an odd clash between story and gameplay

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality


The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a VR hidden object/puzzle game. You are placed in front of these cute little islands and tasked with finding/ rescuing the missing pets.

The entire game took me about 1 hour to complete.

The game's story focuses on the players troubled relationship with their sister, and this is kind of my biggest issue as the story is kind of "mature" at least in the sense that a small child might not really understand it, but the gameplay is so simple and easy that it really feels like its supposed to be a kids game.

I played the game with:

I7 7700k

GTX 1080 TI

16GB ram

HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

Graphicly the game looks good, it has a really fun cartoony art style that may not be for everyone but is consistent and pleasing to look at.

Sound FX & Music

The Music and voice acting is pretty good though nothing that stood out to me.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay as I mentioned earlier is a mix of hidden object and a puzzle game. About half of the challenge is just finding the object and selecting it, there are certain pets which require a series of actions to unlock but are really quite easy to find, its a chill experience meant for the more casual gamer.


Controls all worked fine and were easy to pick up and understand.

Value & Replayability

This game really has no replayability, as with many puzzle games once you know the solution playing it again is really trivial.

Final Thoughts

While the story is well told and competently made for just an hour of really simple gameplay the asking price is really too high.

  • Cartoony visuals are fun
  • Story is well told
  • Game is very short
  • Gameplay is not that compelling
  • Gameplay and story clash

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality

5 out of 10

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The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets
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