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Oculus Rift

Survival Denied

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality & Valve Index


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Survival Denied is a casual zombie shooter, designed primarily with VR in mind. Made by gamers, for gamers!

Wide choice of weapons, perks and power-ups make the game cool and re-playable.

Dive in and try to survive as long as you can!

We are releasing in Early Access and will be adding new features that YOU want!

Current Features:

- 15 Weapons which gradually unlock as you get on with the carnage!

- 8 Unique perks (all level and stack up), which allow you to develop your character as you play!

- 8 Smashing power-ups to help you with the crowd control!

- 5 Different environments for your enjoyment!

- Large variety of zombie types and zombie skins!

- Global and local high scores will tell you how you stack up against your friends and the world!

- Survival mode - stay alive as long as you can! - Everyone is infected with zombie disease, that includes you ! But worry not, military comes with a rescue, collect air-dropped antidote every time you start deteriorating and you will be fine! (that is, as long as you shoot the zombies trying to eat you ;) )

- Explosive barrels - because... REASONS!!!

- Forward rendering with beautiful MSAA!

- Smooth Locomotion - NO TELEPORTATION - If you are sensitive to motion sickness, this game MAY NOT BE a good idea FOR YOU.

- VR support, with motion controllers. Seated, standing or room scale. Play as you please.

- Steam Stats and Achievements - Who wouldn't like a badge for killing 10000 Zombies??

What to Expect:

We want to be as honest and transparent with you as possible,

If shooting zombies does have an entertainment value to you, keep reading!

Some call it an "endless shooter", except everything ends at some point. Survival game? But, you are not going to survive, by design. At least not in the currently implemented mode. Whether you are chasing a high score or relaxing after a long day, Survival Denied provides great fun even in its current state.

It is not our first project, but first publicly released game. We are four friends and family members with experience in video games industry.

While the game is playable, it is important to keep in mind, we are releasing "Early Access" and there will be changes to the game-play and mechanics, there may be bugs and issues, which we will iron out over time. The core works and will provide several hours of entertainment but the real value lies in the future. We want to get your feedback which will influence the further development. We are committed to expanding the core (more weapons, more zombies, more locations, more power-ups, more perks, more cool mechanics, more everything!) as well as adding additional modes on top of the "Survival".

In the coming months, we will be adding content as well as making balance changes based on your feedback. We want to hear from you! Talk to us on Steam forums and Discord. We will publish our road map soon!

Join us on the mission to deliver coolest VR zombie shooter on Steam!

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