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Spare Teeth VR Review

Great fun but doesn't last long enough. More courses please!

Reviewed by Chris P on 27th May 2019 on HTC Vive


This game really caught me by suprise as I didn't expect it to be half as fun as it was. The gameplay (which is basically bowling your way around an 18 hole crazy-golf course) was insanely addictive and the game really did a good job of immersing me in its bizarre and fun world that the developers have created. I absolutely loved the colourful environments with their crazy living props (everything seemed to have a happy face on it!) such as dancing cacti, giant toothbrushes, and of course some enormous friendly teeth doing various things, such as sailing in the sky!

My only real gripe with the game is that it was over a bit too quickly, and I would have expected at least 2 or maybe even 3 18-hole courses for the price (£7.19 at time of writing) as with just 1 18-hole course the game is essentially an hour of gameplay at the most, though it is an extremely fun hour, and the game is Early Access, so they may be planning to add more.

Graphics & Presentation

Fantastic. The game has a fun cartoony style and everything looks great and runs perfectly smooth on my mid-range machine.

Sound FX & Music

Fantastic tunes to match the fun gameplay, and if you get tired of what the in-game radio pumps out, a carefully aimed bowling ball soon fixes that!

Gameplay & Immersion

Amazingly fun and addictive gameplay. Bowling works well and guiding your ball with the thumbpad, especially as it reaches the pins, is a great idea and really helps with the playability, adding a bit of a skill factor to the game.


It's a roomscale experience so you don't need movement controls, but the control method for the bowling was very good, especially being able to give swerve to your ball by using the thumbpad.

Value & Replayability

There is some replay value to it, and it is certainly one to let your family and friends have a go with as it's such good fun, but over all I think it needs a bit more content such as more courses.

Final Thoughts

Brings a fun cool mix of crazy golf and bowling into your living room, and is fantastic fun and one to let your friends try. Really hoping the devs add more courses though as it was over too quickly.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 27th May 2019 on HTC Vive

      7 out of 10

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      Spare Teeth VR
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