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HTC Vive

Spare Teeth VR

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index


Are you tired of bowling on the same greased up wooden planks? Do you love golf but hate rules? Does your heart yearn to throw a bowling ball at something other than a boring old set of pins? Do you love pineapples, trekking through fresh Alpine snow, and The Price is Right?

As King Tooth's loyal subject, you have been subjugated by His Majesty's loyal decree to bowl on His royal course. Through 18 unique and bizarre holes, you will bowl your way to victory, and the King's Heart. Despite being equipped with only your hands, you will learn the ancient art of bowling by throwing, rolling, curving, chucking, bowling balls. Earn high scores, explore, and be victorious!

Download Spare Teeth today, where bowling meets mini golf in this exciting VR game! Available for the HTC Vive!

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    In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
    • General

    • DeveloperL2D
    • PublisherLevel 2 Design
    • Released29th March 2019
    • StatusFull Release
    • Platform (Change) HTC Vive

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"Great fun but doesn't last long enough. More courses please!"

This game really caught me by suprise as I didn't expect it to be half as fun as it was. The gameplay (which is basically bowling your way around an 18 hole crazy-golf course) was insanely addictive and the game really did a good job of immersing me in its bizarre and fun world that the developers...

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Reviewed by Chris P on 27th May 2019 on HTC Vive


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