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Oculus Rift

SpaceFrog VR

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index


SpaceFrog VR is a room-scale retro shooter: You are Princess Gero, warrior pilot. Destroy the Klurxon invasion or SpaceFrog civilization is doomed! Dodge obstacles by moving around your capture zone; punch to fire rockets. Story mode and endless/arcade mode for limitless fun!


In the future, a race of sentient spacefaring frogs keeps to themselves in the corner of the galaxy. Their greatest and only-est defense: a bloodline of princess-pilots trained from birth in the art of space combat.

You are one such princess. The Klurxons, a ruthless bug-like race, prepares to invade from deep space, and they've got your prince. It's up to you to rescue him and crush the massive invasion before it's too late. Just you, your fighter ship, a few inept SpaceFrog allies, and whatever poor Klurxon suckers are dumb enough to get in your way.


In each of the game's levels, you progress through a stunning retro spacescape full of obstacles (think: Starfox in VR), including neon nebulae, space broccoli farms, crystal moons, construction sites, and more. Dodge the obstalces by moving around the capture zone while destroying as many Klurxons as possible (also, before they destroy you). Each level hosts a vast range of Klurxon aliens intent on your destruction. To attack, move your controller along a punching motion, which fires a rocket from the end of your controller (aka, punch to fire rockets!).


More than 2 dozen unique enemies in the story mode campaign... including some bosses who really, really don't like you. As they say, in the game of SpaceFrog, you either win or you croak.

A score system and star ratings mean you can always improve your score on each level. If you try really, really hard you can earn 5 stars on each level.

Get moving! SpaceFrog VR is an 'Active Game' that gets your whole body moving, leveraging the entire capture zone; prepare for your physical skills to be tested as much as your gameplay mastery! The game is playable by all ages and is a great party game.

An 'Endless' mode available once you beat story mode opens up options for infinite replayability for fun, local competition, or if you want to break a sweat.

Humorous dialog, characters, and situations though to be honest neither of the developers are exactly stand-up comedians, if you get my drift.

    In-Game Specs

    • PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
    • General

    • DeveloperHyperSponge Studios
    • Released16th October 2020
    • StatusFull Release
    • PlatformOculus Rift, Rift S


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