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Slinger VR Review

Very fun VR mechanics but just not quite enough content

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th May 2022 on HTC Vive

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While the store page does not list WMR support I played the entire game with an HP Reverb G2 without issue.

Slinger VR is one of the many that I would put in the "rope-swinging as a genre' category in a flat-screen game rope-swinging wouldn't be enough to continue a genre but in VR It's so much fun that really it's all your game needs as the primary motivator to play.

Slinger VR however does sit on the lower end of the scale in the genre with less content than its contemporaries and less appealing visuals too.

Overall the game took me just under 2 hours to complete on normal difficulty.

I played the game on the following hardware:

Intel I7 7700k

Nvidia 1080ti

16gb Ram

HP Reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

Visually the game is nothing special to look at, just a bunch of floating blocks in a cloudy skybox. While this is maybe off-putting to most, I personally don't mind it, in fact I prefer mediocre handmade visuals over the typically bought from the unity store assets that are often seen at the lower end of Indie games.

Sound FX & Music

The music in the game was actually quite nice, nothing too stand out but certainly built a mood while playing.

Gameplay & Immersion

Gameplay is really where this game shines, as I mentioned in the first section VR rope swinging is just so fun to play that It really can be just the entire game and still have a blast.

The game is played in a series of levels with the objective of getting to all the pillars to activate them, to active the main portal and complete the level. Really simple stuff and no story really. In the levels there are hazards such as explosives turrets, flying turrets, and flying missile turrets. You have a few abilities to help you out, such as your grappling hook, a rocket booster and bullet time. Your grappling hooks can also be used to grab turrets or redirect missiles.

One of the issues with the game is the Turrets AI - it's extremely simple and would benefit from some enhancements such as better player detection and maybe for the flying turrets better pathfinding.


Controls are really simple with just a few buttons. By default the game used the Oculus bindings for me, but they mapped perfectly to my controllers. However, the game lacks an artificial turn feature leaving you often tangled up at the end of a play session, and while the large swinging movements are fluid, moving small amounts is finicky.

Value & Replayability

At $17 local currency I do think the price is a little steep for the amount of original content, however the difficulty selector, scoring and timing of each level does mean there is some decent replayability to be had within the game.

Final Thoughts

While Slinger VR isn't exactly a pioneer in the genre nor a game that is stunning to look at, the pure fun that is had with the gameplay makes this something I would recommend people play, however if you are a little less excited by rope swinging than I am then maybe wait for a small sale.

  • Grappling hook is fun to use
  • Graphics are original
  • Level design is good
  • Boss fight is fun
  • Not a lot of content
  • AI could be improved
  • Some small QOL controlls are missing

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th May 2022 on HTC Vive

6 out of 10

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Slinger VR
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