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Shadow Uprising Review

A Great concept with fun gameplay, but could use more content and a bit more polish

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality


Update March 3 2021: The games base pricing has been changed since the posting the original review from $23 to $9 (in my local currency) the rest of the review remains the same however the final score has been changed to reflect the improved value for dollar.

While the game does not officially support WMR headsets I played the entire experience on an HP Reverb with little issue.

Shadow Uprising is a Stealth adventure game where you play as a Samurai (or ninja?) assassin who must defeat Evil robots, the plot is a little light on the specifics really, and I'm still not quite sure if I understood the ending.

The campaign took about 2 hours to complete.

I played this on:
I7 7700k
GTX 1080 ti
16 Gb Ram
HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

Graphicly the game is nothing spectacular, it uses a cartoony style that may turn some people off but ultimately I think it for the best as often with similar-sized developers realistic graphics often end up looking cheap, Shadow Uprising on the other hand has a consistent art style that I think looks good and will be a while before it really looks too dated.

There was a small graphic glitch with some of the textures when not directly looking at them, I believe this to be a WMR specific issue but it did not impact the playability of the game.

Gameplay & Immersion

Most of the gameplay is good, the wall climbing, grappling hook and hiding in cover all feel great and makes locomotion very smooth and fun to get around the levels. The bow also feels quite good to use but really bows were the first thing devs figured out in the early days of VR. however there are issues particularly in the combat the sword attack lacks feedback, leading to attacks not feeling as satisfying as they should. The other issue is the enemy AI, its really just too simple, operating on a very clearly basic set of rules makes it very easy to game them.


Consoles for the game all worked as expected and as previously mentioned locomotion very smooth and works great.

Value & Replayability

At Full retail price I think the game is a good value for money it's not the most complex or polished experience but still managed to be fun to play, and something I would recommend at the price point, though for the more frugal may still want to wait for a sale.

Final Thoughts

Shadow Uprising is a fun game but certainly has some issues-particularly in its combat with melee and the overall length of the game.

However the game does frequently go on sale, and if you see it at a deeper discount I would definitely recommend checking it out as the fun factor is still quite good.

  • Graphics are stylized but look good
  • Grappling and climbing around feels very fun to play
  • Short campaign
  • Swords dont feel that great
  • AI is a little too simplisic

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality

6 out of 10

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Shadow Uprising
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