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STAR WARS: Squadrons Review

Star Wars: Squadrons, beautiful, cinematic and easy to pickup

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


Ever since its announcement I had high expectation for this game, as a Star Wars fan and VR fan, and I think it mostly succeeds in what it sets out to do. This is only a review of the single player campaign.

The Campaign took me a little over 8 hours to complete this includes listening to every piece of dialogue, the game gives you an option to skip out of battle dialogue which would probably bring playtime down an hour.

The Campaigns story itself however I found merely OK, I liked being able to play both the rebels and Empire side even though its just a justification to get the player flying all the ships, but the problem with this I found was I never really connected or empathized with any of them they all felt like one note characters never really adding much or developing through the story, Keo in particular being the worst offender.

Others have reported all sorts of issues from performance issues to frame-rate locked at 30 fps, crashing and HOTAS issues personally the only issue I encountered was a single crash at the end mission 3. however my experience was clearly not the norm.

This was reviewed on an:

Intel I7 7700k

GTX 1080 Ti

HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

Graphically this game is gorgeous, with a few glaring exceptions, the interior cockpits are very detailed and well model as well as the exteriors and NPCs in the game, however the sky-box used to represent space is very low resolution this should be an easy enough thing to patch as it is just a texture not an entire model but it is odd that this was not caught before release

Sound FX & Music

The sound design is that of a classic star wars movie and roughly on par with the quality

Gameplay & Immersion

The game-play ultimately comes down to shooting down all of the opposing ships and moving to the next vista, the game may give you a few extra objectives to keep this interesting however such as being tasked with escorting another ship while destroying the opposing side or maybe destroying some floating fuel tanks while still destroying the opposing side for the most part this does keep the game-play loop feeling fresh and not getting tiresome.

the game also gives you a decent number of systems to play around with power management between engines, guns and shield, speed has to be managed to keep maneuverability two different weapons per ship and an anti homing defense, to a seasoned flight sim expert this may be to basic but as I have little experience in the genre I was satisfied.


I played the entire experience with a mouse and keyboard, though the game can also be played with a controller or HOTAS system. Personally I found the M+K very usable thought you may need to be a decent touch typist as the game controls often has you pressing K 6 or T which if you dont know your keyboard layout may be hard to do with a VR headset on

Value & Replayability

I think the Star wars license, EA's high production value and decently long campaign justifies the asking price of the game and if you are into multiplayer then the game has a high replay value as you unlock new cosmetics while you play and there are no micro-transactions

Final Thoughts

ultimately this is a good game, however as other have reported there seems to be a number of bugs and glitches that need to be fleshed out for most players first

  • Graphics are very good
  • Gameplay is arcadey but entertaining
  • No Micro-transactions
  • 8 hour single player and multiplayer
  • Star field skyboy is low res
  • Story is only passable
  • An Origin account is required

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

7 out of 10

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STAR WARS: Squadrons
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