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Ryte - The Eye of Atlantis Review

Unpolished, confusing and boring

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality


The game does not list WMR support on the store page but I complete the entire game on an HP Reverb G2 with no issues.

Ryte The Eye of Atlantis is a Greek-themed "Myst-inspired" Puzzle game that uses an assassins creed like plot device to send you back in time to save the world (or in my case ruin it as I believe if there are two endings I got the bad ending)

Ryte took me about two and a half hours to complete, however, depending on your puzzle-solving ability (and your ability to understand broken English (more on that later) you may take longer

Specs I played on

I7 7770k

GTX 1080 ti

16gb ram

HP reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

Visually the game is decent looking but nothing spectacular, it has a nice enough charm that I did enjoy looking at everything in-game even if not the highest quality assets, however after about 1 hour the performance of the game suddenly got worse and I had frequent stutters (as of this time of writing Nvidia has had significant driver issues so it may not be a game issue)

Sound FX & Music

The music in the game is acceptable but depending on how long you get stuck in an area you might become frustrated by the looping music (like I did).

The game has two voiced language options English and French, I played the game in English and I suspect that the developers were french and that you may have a better time if you can understand french.

The voice acting itself is good enough, however, it is clear the scriptwriter is not a native English speaker so much so that it becomes hard to follow the games story and Tips/instructions on puzzles at times.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay is a series of pretty basic puzzles mostly focused around environmental context and your ability to push and pull objects.

These mechanics are unrefined however, pulling for instance triggers on specific items, then holds them in front of you for a set amount of time then drops the item. For grabbable items this is not too bad, however for larger items such as chests while they fall to the ground uneven terrain or even colliding with you can cause the item to tumble and flip, making it impossible to open the chest.

As I mentioned earlier the broken English can make it hard to understand what you are supposed to be doing at times and while your inventory has a listed objective they are often vague or more your end goal rather than your immediate.


Controllers work without issue really, the game only has two controls, Grab with trigger and teleport with any button or thumbstick. This game does not support smooth locomotion.

Value & Replayability

The game has a collectable in the way of seashells but most are impossible to miss that can encourage multiple playthroughs, but the ending screen also gave your choices made (most if which I was unaware were choices) that I suspect could lead to different endings, but I didn't test.

Final Thoughts

Ryte is a rather basic puzzle game held back by rather weak storytelling and puzzle mechanics. If this had been released early in VRs history say 2016 then it may have been acceptable but given the improvements made in the last 5 years it's really not anymore.

  • Visuals look good
  • There are NPCS
  • Puzzles are basic
  • Broken english hurts following along in the story
  • Mechanics are dated

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th February 2021 on Windows Mixed Reality

3 out of 10

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Ryte - The Eye of Atlantis
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