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Rinlo Review

The devs show potential but Rinlo misses the mark

Reviewed by Griffin on 13th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


In Rinlo you play as Agatha, a young inventor girl who was given up for adoption later in her childhood life and thus still remembers her parents, and until now has not heard from them until one day a messenger delivers a letter from her father. You must then uncover the mystery of Rinlo and your parents.

The campaign of Rinlo took me a little over 2 hours to complete and what a story it was. I don't want to spoil anything in this review so I will just say that the story was poorly paced and underdeveloped. I learned of the mystery of Rinlo almost at the same time I even learned of inlo, and your parents come as quickly as they go. The gameplay is a series of puzzles that are both in a 3rd person point of view and 1st person.

The world scale has Agatha stand about 14 inches tall compared to yourself, if we compare that to Moss the character of Quill stands maybe 2 or 3 inches. This leads to some much bigger environments, sometimes too big to be honest, often needing a loading screen within the same room just to view it from a different angle.

I played this on an

Intel I7 7700k

GTX 1080 ti

16gb Ram

WMR HP Reverb

and report perfectly fine performance throughout the game.

Graphics & Presentation

The graphics are noticeably indie but surprisingly pretty at times. It has some fairly low resolution textures that are a little too close to the player at times and most objects could do with a few more polygons however in some of the larger scenes in the game it looks decent.

My biggest complaint with the visual presentation in this game are the character models. Their model design combined with size reminded me of a barbie or maybe bratz doll, this extends to the male characters, like the Grizzled Sailor I accompanied who had rosy red cheeks and a perfect doll like complection. Honestly the character creeped me out a bit.

Another character in the game is depicted as fat however due to the modelling just looks inflated, it's hard to describe.

Sound FX & Music

I played the game in English though Spanish was also an option, and the voice acting was acceptable but certainly not great. I have to imagine that maybe the Spanish might have been the devs native language and therefore would sound a bit better.

As for music, the in game music was fine however the 1st person puzzle segments feature a total of 1 song including for the dramatic finale which leads to an odd juxtapose of dramatic world music to cutesy puzzle music.

Gameplay & Immersion

As mentioned earlier the game is a puzzle game with a handful of "stealth" elements thrown in, I say stealth in quotes as most of it you can just out run. The puzzles vary quite a bit from level games to memory to don't touch the wire, but none of them are particularly hard or inventive.

The game also has a crafting system to make bombs in game but It only served to slow the game down as a) it gave far too many supplies and b) they always gave the supplies for 1 item it needed at the time so why not just give me the item instead and cut out the middle man?

The game has a dedicated Locate Agatha button to help you identify where she is, and while this works its simply a band-aid solution to the overall poor level design in the game. As I mentioned earlier, often rooms will require two or three camera angles to cover every corner. At the start of the level it may even take you a moment to locate the door you came in from, the maps are not really realistically designed either so it's not a case of gameplay vs realism, the levels just needed a second pass to make everything flow a little better.


The game natively supported the WMR controller and even had proper button prompts in the tutorial. However, I did need to rebind movement from the trackpad to the thumbstick as otherwise it made certain jumps seemly impossible. (This may be due to my own fat thumbs or a byproduct of the fact that it's very hard to just press solely on the edge of the trackpad)

Value & Replayability

The game does feature a number of collectibles to find for extra challenge/gameplay. However, with just 2 hours of story and maybe 2 to find them all, I find it hard for to justify the asking price.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately I see potential in these devs and I hope they continue to make games however, in Rinlo the combination of simple gameplay, and a short poorly implemented story I find this hard to recommend without a moderate discount.

  • The graphics more otfen than not look decent
  • The voice atress for Agatha was decent
  • The gameplay was very easy
  • The story was too short
  • The story was poorly paced and developed
  • Most of the voice acting was not great
  • Music needed more variety in puzzle screens

Reviewed by Griffin on 13th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

4 out of 10

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