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Quantum Legend - VR Show Review

Solid Tech demo let down by it's shoddy locomotion

Reviewed by Chris P on 5th March 2019 on HTC Vive


This demo is split into two parts, one part which is called 'VR Show' and is a passive showcase of big shiny very cool looking robots with big guns, alongside enormous Mechs which are seriously impressive. The other part of the demo is a playable level called 'Survival' which is OK but severely let down by it's shoddy teleport locomotion system, which I found glitchy and annoying. This spoilt the demo a little bit for me, which I was starting to enjoy once I discovered where my weapons were (the one you want to use is attached to your back) and managed to start doing a bit of damage. Overall this is a game that is showing some promise, and it will be interesting to see how it improves over time, especially when they release the 'official' demo which they have said is in the works. Definitely one to keep an eye on. I enjoyed the scifi setting and the highly impressive robots and mechs, the demo is well worth checking out just for those.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 5th March 2019 on HTC Vive

      4 out of 10

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      Quantum Legend - VR Show
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