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Picture Party VR

A VR Game available for PSVR


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Gather your friends or family for a fun round of the classic Draw & Guess game in VR.

Grab your headset and draw a word. Now draw that word as best you can using only your head. The other players can see what you are drawing on the TV and must guess what the image is. Whoever gets it right gets the point!

Picture Party VR has two game modes to enjoy:

Face-Off (3+ Players)

This competitive mode is a blast with 3 or more players. One player draws and the others try to guess the words in turns. Each successful guess wins the team a point and whoever guesses more wins the round.

. 1 Player Draws words with the Headset

. 2 or more players choose a team and try to guess each drawing

Co-Op (2+ Players)

In this mode all players are trying to reach a highscore, with one player drawing and the others guessing, this time, each correct guess gets everyone more points.

. 1 Player Draws with the headset

. 1 or more players try to guess

1-5 players

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