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Paper Beast Review

A beautiful visual and audio experience with some fun physics environmental puzzles

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th December 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


While the game lists WMR the in game controllers shown resemble that of the Vive wands instead, controls otherwise are perfectly fun.

The main story of this game took me about 2.5 hours to complete.

Paper Beast is a puzzle game in which you must manipulate the environment around you, though the more impressive aspect I found was the visual and audio styling of this game which were very unique and captivating.

I guess there was a story to paper beast but I for sure did not understand it calling it dreamlike would be putting it lightly

Graphics & Presentation

Visually this game just looks amazing, from the desert environment to the wonderfully intricate paper craft creatures that inhabit the world, in particular the large 12 legged giraffe like creature and the shaggy creature resembling that of a Komondor dog, with its extremely dense papery "fur"

The start of the game you are placed in a cave system and this might be extremely local to myself but it reminded me of those cave like displays in a museum (this wasn't only my local museum right?)

Sound FX & Music

This game made wonderful use of environmental sound to really craft the atmosphere of the game, and all very directional.

The game also features music from a Japanese band called TsuShiMaMire, never heard them before but they make for an interesting contrast between the natural state of the creatures and the simulation element of the narrative.

There is a particular scene with the creatures and a song by TsuShiMaMire playing that reminds me a lot of the Anime Paprika for those who have seen the movie.

Gameplay & Immersion

The puzzles on the form of manipulating your environment (sand, water, Fire) are sort of akin to those of a god sim type game and were quite fun however never much of a challenge.


Controls are very simple mostly just moving (smooth or teleport) and grabbing objects, a nice feature is if you ever do get confused staring at your controllers will bring up a little mapping of the controllers in front of them.

Value & Replayability

The game has extra collectables that if you missed the first time around you can chapter select back to, as well as a sandbox more for those who want to play around in the manipulation a bit more

Final Thoughts

The game was pretty good fun and wonderful to look at though I think hindered by its surreal story and easy puzzles. Combined with a short play time unless you are sure you will be replaying the sandbox mode I would recommend waiting for a small sale before picking this one up.

  • Visualy a really pretty and unique game
  • The sound design is top notch
  • The creature designs are very interesting
  • The god sim like world manipulation is fun
  • Story may be too ambiguous
  • Short campaign for the price

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th December 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

7 out of 10

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Paper Beast
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