A VR Game available for Oculus Rift, PSVR & Oculus Go

==NOTE== Please make sure you have a device that is fully compatible with the companion app - Supports Android 7.0 - iOS 6 & above.

Recruited by a mysterious client, you & a partner take on a series of high-profile heists. Utilize gadgets to infiltrate heavily guarded facilities as the crafty Thief in VR. Breach through security systems as the clever Hacker on a mobile device. Cooperation & trust will be needed to sneak past guards, hack through laser grids, crack safes, & much more..

Team up & pull off the heist of the century!


6+ hours of gameplay

Cooperative: A successful heist cannot be achieved alone!

Asymmetric gameplay: Experience the heist as The Thief in VR, or as The Hacker on a mobile device

Companion app: Free! Only the VR app requires purchase

Online: Play with your friends & family from anywhere

Pass-and-play: Introduce your friends & family to the unique & immersive experience of VR, while putting your stealth, communication, & trust to the test!

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