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Oculus Go


A VR Game available for Oculus Go


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Welcome to the revolution in the future. You are given the task to liberate the city from the Artificial Mind that has gone rogue. Underestimating the potential of the enemy you are trapped in the dead city as the lone survivor. Fight your way through the apocalyptic concrete wasteland by avoiding traps, finding clues, and searching for any objects that will help you in your fight against the menacing bots. Find a way back to your team's encampment.

Gameplay: Training has been set up to guide you through all the actions you will need through the game. You will learn to interact with objects and use your weapons.

The game is divided into levels, on completing these checkpoints your progress will be automatically saved on your device. You can continue from your last saved state or begin a new game at any time.

Controls: Use your Oculus headset with the controller to play. For the best experience, please use headphones at all times and to stand somewhere with enough space around you.

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    In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaSeated
    • ControlsGo Controller
    • General

    • DeveloperMaanas Games
    • Released12th November 2020
    • StatusFull Release
    • Platform (Change) Oculus Go

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