Oculus Rift

Radial-G : Racing Revolved

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR & Valve Index

Intense futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer for the new VR generation!

Climb into the cockpit of a futuristic race craft and tear up the anti-gravity track as battle commences with over 15 real and AI opponents. Offering single and multiplayer action, Radial-G delivers full immersion combative racing on tubular tracks featuring gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits and unique inverted racing.

Full Release Features -

The Full Release version includes the following features:

- A new environment set in the depths of space with three regions in and around a derelict asteroid mining station.

- Nine courses offering insanely fast racing around tracks including dizzying splits and twists, crazy stomach-defying jumps and inverted tunnel sections

- A thumping EDM soundtrack

- Gruelling Single Player Career mode to work through earning trophies in-game

- A choice of seven race craft, one only unlockable by reaching ranks in multiplayer, the others through completing Single Player Career mode tiers

- 16-player online multiplayer support

- Offline and single player modes against 15 AI opponents

- Combat gameplay modes with five weapons to blow away your opponents

- Balance the risk and reward of converting your shield to additional user-controlled boost

- Enhanced ship physics - each ship has unique handling characteristics

- Cockpit and 3rd-person camera views (VR supports only for cockpit view)

- Steam achievements

- Steam stats

- Leaderboards

Support for Oculus Rift, Oculus DK2 (with latest Runtime or 0.8), HTC Vive and OSVR

  • Version details:Oculus Rift, Rift S
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperTammeka Games (3)
  • Release date28th March 2016
  • PlayersSingle
    Online Multi-player
    Cross-Platform Multi-player
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsKeyboard & Mouse

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