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Monte Fitzroy is Argentina's most famous mountain landmark and is used as the logo of the outdoor travelling company, Patagonia. At the foot of the mountain is a beautiful and remote glacial lake known as Laguna Sucia. Most people who visit Monte Fitzroy view it from a different location that is much easier to access. Laguna Sucia requires a much tougher hike to access, but the effort is absolutely worth it. You are rewarded with a sense of almost heavenly stillness as you approach this awesome turquoise blue glacial lake. This experience allows you to take off as a bird with wings, fly around the lake, visit the waterfalls along the edge, and visit the snowy clad plains beneath the mountain peaks, including many stunning glacial formations. Numerous narrations will tell you about the challenges we faced when filming this location as well as educate you about the geology and history of the area.

In-Game Specs

  • PlayersSingle Player
  • ControlsOculus Remote


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