Oculus Rift

Origami Dojo

A VR App available for Oculus Rift

This is the only VR App in the store which you can learn how to make Japanese traditional "Origami". You trace your hands in the VR step by step and then you can build up a beautiful "Origami" so easily. "Origami" is a traditional Japanese game which you can make many things by folding paper such as beautiful flowers and lovely animals. Why don't you experience the wonderful world of "Origami". We are getting ready for additional Origami contents. Don't miss it!!

  • Version details:Oculus Rift, Rift S
  • TypeVR App
  • DeveloperAlterbo Inc.
  • Release date6th February 2020
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsMotion Controllers

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