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Lágrimas de Sol

A VR Experience available for Oculus Rift

Sun's Tears is an short immersion experience in which you will be able to cross a wormhole to go back in time to the province of Chaco, in Argentina. Once in there, you will be a witness of a meteorite shower, phenomenon that created the well-known asteroid cemetery "Campo del Cielo". During this virtual tour, you also will be able to take pictures and walk inside the meteorites holes.

You will be able to experience this phenomenon of four-millennia-old, which left in Chaco the second largest meteorite in the world, a huge metallic rock that weighs 37 ton. You will be a virtual witness of this unique event, which also gives the chance to imagine how it occurred in the real world.

Short experience: The "Sun's Tears" experience has thinked for long exhibitions (no more than 5 minutes of duration for each user), because we want that all people can try it. We enjoy sharing this virtual tour in all kind of public events.

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