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A VR Game available for Oculus Rift

Homeward is a seated virtual reality experience game created as part of my thesis during the final year of my Game Design university degree.

Developed for the Oculus Rift on PC and made in Unity.


Exploring the themes of heartbreak and loneliness, Homeward takes you on a journey from losing one home to finding another.


- Experience a beautifully melancholic journey.

- Seek a new home.

Homeward is presented in the Low-Poly art style.

Homeward was implemented in conjunction with the Virtual Reality Sickness Reduction tool (VRSRT) - a game design tool I researched, designed and built - which aims to provide developers of VR games numerous ways in which to reduce the impact of VR sickness on players. Consequently, Homeward should be very comfortable to play and have low intances of VR sickness.

Let me know how your experience with Homeward and VR sickness went in the comments, please!

  • Version details:Oculus Rift, Rift S
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperEagerSeahorse
  • Release date8th June 2020
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsMotion Controllers

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