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Shaping up to be something special

A pre-release review of Swords of Gargantua, which is currently in Open Beta at time of writing. This is not a review of the finished product, which will come shortly after full release. The sword play in this game is fantastic, and felt extremely realistic at times. I especially loved the... Read full review..

Reviewed by Chris P on 17th May 2019 on HTC Vive

Fun ride

A pretty solid roller coaster experience and enjoyable ride (not too short) though it seems only 1 car/track is available for free, the rest (such as halloween) being paid DLC content. Enjoyed what there was and left me wanting more.

Reviewed by Chris P on 26th March 2018 on HTC Vive

A truly moving experience that everyone should try

There are videos of grown men being moved to tears by this experience. One of the first and still one of the best VR experiences out there.

Reviewed by Chris P on 25th March 2018 on Oculus Rift