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Kafka Band People Get Lost

A VR Experience available for Oculus Go

Kafka Band Music Experience

Immerse yourself into an introvertive music experience which you can interact with through gaming elements by yourself in a social media world. Will you find the meaning? Will you become part of the book? Will you discover Kafka's America? Or will you get lost?

Reveal the unknown worlds of thought, emotions, and words with a gun in your hand. Just put the headset and headphones on. Our interactive music adventure is about to begin.

Kafka Band Music Experience is an interactive adventure from Kafka Bandīs song People Get Lost taken from their new album America (2019).

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  • Version details:Oculus Go
  • TypeVR Experience
  • DeveloperBRAINZ VR (2)
  • Release date10th April 2019
  • PlayersSingle
  • ControlsGo Controller

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