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A VR Experience available for Oculus Go

This 360 film experience, from the Irish Road Safety Authority, puts you in the shoes of a drink driver. Different story lines allow you to go through the agonising consequences of drink driving - from injury to prosecution - but all with the unique luxury of being able to take the headset off. Something you don't get to do if you're caught driving under the influence in the real world. Shot in 6K with binaural audio, it's a deeply immersive and haunting experience that will hopefully convince you to never ever drink and drive.

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  • Version details:Oculus Go
  • TypeVR Experience
  • DeveloperInition / BBDO
  • PublisherRSA (2)
  • Release date7th May 2019
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsTouchpad

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