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Exogen VR

HTC ViveOculus Rift
Lift off into the cosmos in this stunning immersive 3D VR music video.
Free to play!

Modulia Studio

Oculus Rift
Modulia Studio is a VR app for music creation and performance.
Free to play!

Kafka Band People Get Lost

Oculus Go
Kafka Band Music Experience Immerse yourself into an introvertive music experience which you can interact with through gaming elements by yourself in a social media world.
Free to play!


HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed Reality
IFF VR is a one of a kind music role playing experience. Use VR technology to become the guitarist, drummer, or singer of your own band.


HTC ViveOculus Rift
Audica™ is a VR “rhythm shooter” that combines Harmonix’s award-winning music gameplay with precision shooting mechanics and a killer soundtrack, all set in a mesmerizing cosmic arena.


Relive the story of the Kingdom Hearts series through a new kind of music video available for PlayStation®VR.
Free to play!

Marshall From Detroit

Oculus RiftOculus GoGear VR
Growing up, Marshall Mathers dreamed of rapping his way out of Detroit. Years and fortunes later, he still hasn’t left.
Free to play!

Voixtek VR

Oculus GoGear VR
We pride ourselves on training great singers and most important of all is that we train you for healthy singing.
Free to play!

DrumBeats VR

HTC Vive
DrumBeatsVR is a VR drumming music game. Players can drum to our songs that are custom made for this game.


HTC ViveOculus Rift
Visionarium is a visionary music driven VR journey. In this experience a visionary trance state is simulated. Visionarium is a visionary music driven VR journey partly created in Tilt Brush.