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Moss Review

Follow a cute little mouse on a full sized adventure!

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


In Moss you play as two characters: Quill the little adventurer mouse (controlled in a 3rd person) and the Reader, a spiritual guide here to help Quill (played in 1st person). Together you must rescue her uncle who has been locked away in a castle.

The campaign took me about 3.5 hours to complete but I missed a fair number of collectibles and extras. It was a fun adventure through and through, though not very challenging if you were expecting that.

For key story moments the game will take you out of the 3D environment to tell them within a story book format with narration, and while it makes sense in the game's logic, I would have preferred to continue to experience them in game instead of pulling the player out of the world.

Before playing Moss I did not think VR would add much to the experience of a 3rd person platformer, however Moss has proven to me that the format is excellent in VR and has much to explore and offer.

A cute little tidbit that I noticed is Quill will often use Sign language to communicate which was a nice touch.

~~!!! Spoiler for the story !!!~~

My one gripe about the story is that the game does end a little too opened ended for a sequel for my taste and while the story at hand does technically come to a conclusion it almost felt as if I had just played the prologue instead of a complete game.

~~!!! Spoiler for the story !!!~~

I played this on:

i7 7700k

GTX 1080 Ti

16gb Ram

WMR HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

The presentation of this game is incredible. I might be a little biased as a huge Redwall fan but I really enjoyed the miniature scale of the world. It was a real treat to explore due in part to the great setting but also to the incredible detail in each and every screen which made the world feel lived in and really came alive. It should be noted from a technical level the game is not purely a graphical powerhouse: some models and textures were a little on the lower resolution side of things, however due to the games artstyle it really helps blend out those low spots and keeps the game looking great.

There were a number of environments which I found breath taking, of note the castle halls interior with the vaulted ceiling and the beach scene really sold it to me, they were well crafted and just fun to look around.

My only major complaints from the graphical side were the final boss design which I would have though should be a little more "organic" and it would have been a nice touch if Quill has a more fur like look to her.

Sound FX & Music

The audio was very nice from the cute mouse sounds to the attack clanks. The music was also very well placed for the timing and settings. Overall, a very good sound design to the game.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay itself was quite good, there were three main mechanics in first person. The first is that the player is able to manipulate objects that are too big for Quill and to stun enemies with them, there are also smaller objects for Quill to trigger (and later shoot) and platform onto and then there is a basic combat system, mostly slash and dodge. While none of these ever felt they overstayed their welcome, the first person block manipulation did feel like the weakest link in the loop.

As I mentioned prior the game itself is quite easy, giving you lots of advantages and checkpoints along the way, though the game doesn't pretend otherwise. This is a game you could probably get your smaller children to complete.


The controls were simple and intuitive. I never found myself frustrated or that the controls ever held me back in any puzzles.

As mentioned earlier I played this on WMR and all controls worked out of the box and even the tutorial screens matched correctly.

Value & Replayability

In terms of replayability, I don't see much point in returning to this title after completing it unless you intend to 100% it and missed some relic dust on your first time. There will be no different outcome on a second playthough, though I think my time spent even in a single playthrough was worth the asking price.

Final Thoughts

Moss is a game that may not appeal to everyone due to either cutesy style, 3rd person gameplay or relatively easy difficulty but I think if you can get over the asking price of $33 (local currency) it might just win you over with excellent story telling and world building and the surprising need to be played in VR over any other medium.

  • A beautiful aesthetic and graphics
  • Gameplay is consistently enjoyable
  • A compelling story line that keeps the player engaged
  • A few lower than stellar textures
  • Really simple to complete
  • A bit of a short campaign

Reviewed by Griffin on 15th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

8 out of 10

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