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Merry Snowballs Review

Beautiful, Charming, and a lot of fun to play

Reviewed by Chris P on 24th January 2020 on HTC Vive


Merry Snowballs has been around for many years now (2016), but it is still one of the best looking games in VR with its beautiful cartoon-like graphics and its wonderful atmospheric design and its over all level of polish. You really do feel like you are in a cartoon world at Christmas time, playing outside in the crispy snow on a late holiday afternoon, trying to fend off the local neighbourhood brats who are all flinging snowballs at you from every conceivable direction, as they popup from behind fences, from behind vehicles, and even fling snow down at you from balconies and rooftops.

Luckily for you however, you have a very handy (and very shiny) dustbin lid to block the incoming shots with, and better still you have a limitless supply of snow to throw back at them, which quite handily morphs into snowballs in your hand all ready to throw back should one of their ugly little faces pop up somewhere as you pull your arm back ready to give them a taste of their own ice-cold medicine. However, this is where I was slightly disappointed by the game, as the aiming and throwing seemed a bit hit or miss, quite literally, and I found the throwing physics a bit dodgy and temperamental at times, with my throwing force and speed not translating well from real life into the virtual world. Perhaps I needed more practise, I'm not certain, but it definitely seemed off sometimes, and a bit pot luck if I hit something, so I'd end up just throwing as many snowballs as I possibly could at a target knowing that one of them would be bound to hit! However, all was not lost, and what saved the game for me was that the power-ups (which were usually in the form of a very handy snowgun) were plentiful and a real pleasure to use, and I soon forgot about the dodgy snowball throwing (or my crap aim) as I pounded those little gits with a whole barrage of wet cold slushy revenge, and it felt very good indeed.

I probably played the game for half an hour in all before I quit, but it was an intense and very fun 30 minutes for sure. Will I go back for some more snow throwing (or rather shooting) fun at some point? absolutely! as although it seemed to be just the one environment, I never really noticed a pattern to the brats spawning and there always seemed to be at least one surprise or new thing to keep me entertained, such as a new weapon, power-up, or enemy to take down. This is also definitely a game I would want to get friends and family to try, as it's fun, very charming, and simple to pick up, and I can see people having a lot of fun with it at any time of the year.

What I loved about the game -

+ The beautiful cartoon graphics and atmosphere
+ The snowguns and other power-ups
+ The truck with the spinning wheel and scoreboard
+ The characters, especially the grumpy father Christmas!
+ Did I mention the beautiful graphics?

What I didn't like -

- The throwing didn't feel right, which marred the gameplay slightly for me.
- Just a single environment, albeit a rather nice one.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 24th January 2020 on HTC Vive

      7 out of 10

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      Merry Snowballs
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