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Mare Nostrum - Lost Memories

A VR Experience


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At the beginning the viewer is experiencing a diving journey starting with an idyllic marine scene surrounded by small silver fishes swimming around. Suddenly a strange noise comes from above, a sort of engine is getting close trudging through the waves. Is getting dark, looking above we see a keel's shape. The engine stops, human voices now are screaming.

A plop: a bag is falling down; we look up and few objects start floating around.

An old and worn baby's sneaker and we hear the voice of a child memorizing a Koran. A snack falls down matching a child voice.

A woman's veil twirls while a male voice is calling her

Some pages of a primer come with a child voice syllabifying

At the end an old and worn teddy bear is falling very near the viewer's body while the mother's voice is singing a lullaby.

The teddy bear disappears in the depth of the sea while it appears a "count down" connected with IOM displaying figures of lost people.

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    In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • General

    • StatusFull Release

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