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Infection: VR Horror

A VR Game


At 0300, a secret medical facility broadcasted a containment breach. No transmission has been received since. Recon teams were sent to investigate at 0800 but contact has been lost.

Your orders, as a scientist, were to rendezvous with Bravo team and retrieve the data on Project Chimera. Once completed, you were to head for the evacuation point but the mission went wrong. With your support team missing and no weapon you must find a way out, and fast.

This is ga_me is not for the faint hearte_d with scares and jumps at every turn. Don't blame us... you've been warned.


CONTROLS - Move around the level using the touchpad, explore even the darkest corner, you never know what lurks there.

If you find bugs or have ideas for the new chapter or improvements, contact us through our Facebook or website.

Thanks & enjoy Infection!

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